Los Angeles based producer, mixer and mastering engineer Rob Beaton has been creating music for artists, bands, film and television for over 30 years. His approach to mastering is as much musical as it is technical. Having produced and mixed music in virtually all genres for two decades (and counting) has given Rob a very unique perspective on the art of mastering.

What’s Mastering & Why Do I Need It? 
The process of mastering involves the sonic enhancement of your final mixes and creating thorough continuity from track to track. Professional mastering can dramatically improve a mixes dynamics, depth, definition, clarity and stereo imaging. It’s also a vital part of getting your mixes to translate well on any stereo system. 

Every major label and independent release, as well as everything you hear on the radio, has been professionally mastered. The bottom line is even the best mixes will noticeably suffer by comparison if this process is omitted. Typically, record labels spend $2,500 to $5,000 per release on mastering! The goal here is to provide the same state-of-the-art quality and attention to detail for ANY budget.

What Kind Of Gear is Used? 
Your mixes won't be run through a “Finalizer” or some “T-Racks” style software with some fancy named preset. The equipment here starts with Apogee converters, and includes "all-tube" gear gear from Manley Labs, Pendulum Audio, Avalon & Millennia Media as well as digital processing from industry leaders Weiss (EQ-1Mk2 & DS1-Mk2) and Waves. Sequencing and CD authoring is handled by Sonic Studios PMCD and masters are created using only the best media and Plextor burners. But of course, the most valuable piece of equipment: Rob’s vast experience and his ears. 

What is the Cost? 
Rob charges by the song; so you’ll know exactly what it will cost before you even send your tracks. Rates are as follows:

$100 per song / cue
20 or more: contact for quote    

For projects that will be manufacturing CDs, sequencing and authoring services are available. Sonic Studios PreMaster CD is used along with media from Taiyo Yuden and Plextor burners to create the highest quality industry standard DDP Image files for delivery to your manufacturer. A reference copy will also be provided. Sequencing and Authoring services is a flat fee of $100 per project.

Masters can also be delivered via a secure server.

What is needed?
Your tracks on CD, audio or data (AIFF, SDll or WAV files -- 24 bit if possible) is preferred. Analog 1/2" (please include your project tones) and DAT masters will work as well. Please include your desired song order, spacing and any crossfade requests. Telephone consultations prior to the work being done are highly encouraged and recommended. Full payment should be included with your tracks and notes. 

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